Bajaj Majesty HM01 Hand Mixer Black

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Rs. 7,445 GET DEAL

Bajaj HM 01 250-Watt Hand Mixer (Black)

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as of August 22, 2020 5:48 am

BAJAJ HM 01 HAND BLENDER The Bajaj Majesty HM01 Hand Blender helps you get away from the toughest cooking tasks and makes your kneading, mixing, whisking, beating and other cooking tasks easy and efficient. Now prepare your bakery favourites at the convenience of your home with the Bajaj Majesty...

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Original product no issues. Only thing is warranty card without dealers stamp, not sure will get service in care of any problem.
मी गेले सहा महिने हा मिक्सर वापरत आहे. दोन्ही अटॅचमेंट नीट काम करतात. सगळ्यात कमी वेग हा जास्त आहे. त्यापेक्षाही अजून कमी वेगाचे सेटिंग असते तर बरे झाले असते. केकचे पीठ मिक्स करताना खूप जास्त वेगामुळे मिश्रण बाहेर उडते. यावर उपाय म्हणून कणीक मळण्याचे हुक आधी वापरुन नंतर दुसरे मिक्सिंगचे हुक वापरल्याने मिश्रण बाहेर उडत नाही. ब्रेडसाठी कणीक तसेच पिझ्झाबेस साठीचे पीठही चांगले मळले जाते.I have been using this mixer for six months. Both attachments work fine. Slowest speed is still a bit fast. Slower than current setting would have been better. It is difficult to mix cake batter, flour flies out of the container. This problem can be solved by using dough hook first and then using the cake mixer hook. Dough for bread and also for pizza base can be kneaded without any problems.
I love this product.
i got this hand mixer 3rd day after order. It is in good condition, heavy instrument and not heating, very comfortable. Thanks amazon for this awesome products. very use full for me
Excellent product. Working fine. Beating egg white for cake preparation gets over in few minutes. Looks great. Good deal by Amazon. Got it for 1500.

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