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Bajaj Majesty 2200 T 22-Litre Oven Toaster Grill

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22 Litre Capacity 0-60 minutes timer Keep warm function Slide out crumb tray Rust proof 'Alstar' inner chamber

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** In the Box **● OTG Oven● Crumb/ Baking Tray● Grill rack● Four skewer rods● Tong● Recipe Booklet** Purpose **● This is a toasting oven that can be used for baking, grilling, roasting and toasting. Cooking is done using the heat radiated from heating elements, where food is cooked 'outside first & inside last'● This cannot be used for quick re-heating of cooked food (microwave ovens are the best for this where food is warmed up/ cooked evenly using invisible waves)** Build & Finish **● Its around 8kg in weight, and 20 inches in length and around 14 inches wide● I bought the stainless steel one and the surfaces are well polished● The build quality is good and this feels heavy and sturdy● The knobs and indicators look mediocre quality; the calibrations on knobs are in low quality print● There are three knobs- timer, temperature and heating element control● The maximum time that can be set is one hour. Temperature ranges from 0 to 250 degrees in intervals of 50 degrees● There are four heating element rods at four corners fixed across the length of the oven. The heating element control knob can be used to turn on a pair of rods at the top/ at the bottom/ all the four● The stainless steel accessories are of premium quality and the crumb tray as well● There is a good quality plastic handle on the glass door● Like other OTGs in the market, there is no illumination inside● The power cable is around 1 meter in length** Installation & Performance **● You need to find enough room for this since the body and glass door heats up well while in use. I would also suggest to place the oven on a thick piece of wood to protect your kitchen granite slab from the heat● The oven is turned on using the timer knob and a red indication comes up; there is no separate On/Off switch● The elements heats up pretty quick; I have tested the temperature at various knob levels and I found it works● The crumb tray is powder coated in black and is easy to clean after use. I have used this as a baking tray to make cake as well as garlic bread; the cake will be quite large though● The grill & barbeque rack is of premium quality in stainless steel. While grilling, take care to use the crumb tray to collect dripping oil. Otherwise, you may find it quite hard to clean the oven floor as well as the heating rods● There are grooves on the side walls that helps to place the crumb tray or rack at various heights which is really useful● A full-trussed chicken can also be grilled on the grill rack● Grilling is a pleasure on grilling rack; the rack rails are spaced sufficient enough to prevent vegetables and meat from slipping down● There are four stainless steel skewer rods which are of premium quality. However, I have bought bamboo skewers since steel rods would get very hot to touch● The oven has no illumination; however the heating elements provide sufficient glow to see what's going on inside● The glass door does its job reasonably well in blocking the heat leaking out. The plastic handle does not heat up much and is on the cooler side. The door opens downwards more than 90 degrees and the holding-hinge is durable. The door can also be kept open at any angle which is very comfortable● Unlike microwave ovens where only the food heats up, everything inside including the oven would be very hot here. So, you would need a heat proof oven glove to put your hands into the oven. There are high chances that you may accidently touch the heating elements, if you are careless● There is also a tong that comes along, but I have not yet figured out how to use this● Even though the outside body also heats up, it is very well insulated when compared to the amount of heat generated inside● For baking cakes, you may need good amount of guesswork to set your temperature if it is not in multiples of 50. Temperature calibrations on the knob are 0, 100, 150, 175, 200 & 250; the knobs are free-rotating such that you can set temperatures in between the markings● The maximum size of cakes that can be baked is around 12 x 10 inches with 5 inches high● The recipe book is in Hindi as well as in English and is sufficient enough to understand the basic operations; there are quite a few nice recipes as well** I don't like these **● The power cable is only around 1 meter in length that puts a lot of constraint on finding a convenient location to install the oven. However, I believe that the length of the cable is shortened to ensure that the cable does not touch oven-body that heats up while in use● The timer knob is mechanical and can be rotated only in clockwise. This then ticks back in anticlockwise until it reaches zero. In case you have a need to reduce the already set time, you can't unwind it but have to wait till the timer comes back. The timer knob ticks back to zero even if the oven is powered off● I would have preferred a rotisserie as well** Summary **● The product I got had got a dent on its edges; but I chose not to return since I needed the oven for a weekend● I use this occasionally to roast chicken & vegetables as well as to bake cakes & cookies. Even though I cannot make a rotisserie chicken, I manage by using grill rack if I am very specific about grilling full chicken● I have been using this for almost 9 months now and I rate FOUR stars at Rs.5399/- that I paid in Mar-16. One star off for not having a rotisserie, but the product description says it has that option which is incorrect.
Heating rods are placed on the corners which is unevenly baking pizza. Everytime part of pizza which is at the innermost side gets over baked than rest of it. Yet to try other dishes though.
good one. If you thinking about tandoori item, you can go with that...
Works well. I had the smaller version for 20 years, no problems. So after looking at other brands I decided to stick with Bajaj. It's been 3 months now, no issues.
Thanking you Sir/Madam,. . . . Suresh Basappa ParamashettiMobile: 9449044848

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