Amazon Brand – Solimo 2 Ply Kitchen Tissue Paper Roll – 4 Rolls (60 Pulls Per Roll)

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Amazon Brand - Solimo 2 Ply Kitchen Tissue Paper Roll - 4 Rolls (60 Pulls Per Roll)

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Solimo kitchen tissue rolls are made from 100% natural virgin paper. They are soft to touch and highly absorbent. This pack of 2 ply kitchen rolls comes with 60 sheets per roll. These paper towels are safe for contact with food and can be used to line containers before keeping food in them or to...

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🇮🇳 Made in India 🇮🇳Before buying this, I went through lots of other brands. Some cheaper, some expensive. But I found this to be the best in terms of cost and usage.MRP for this 4 roll set is Rs.250/-. I paid Rs.189/- for this. Have paid Rs.214/- in the past.- Standard size rolls.- Thick 2 ply. 60 pulls in each roll.- Sheets are precisely perforated and tear without any problem.- Each sheet is 22.5x22.8 as per seller claim and verified by me.- The perforations make sure you use only one at a time as needed.- These absorb well.- Free of whitening agents.- Made of virgin paper.- Food safe (seller claim). I also use these to wrap deep fried items to soak up oil.These aren't ultra thick like some more expensive ones, but frankly speaking, they are a waste as usually we don't require such thick sheets in Indian kitchens.💰Money saving tip💰Never buy full price. This always gets discounted ultimately.Best price is during deal of the day. Paid Rs.189/- for this.Don't forget to press the 'helpful' button if this review has been 🙂
So picking this up is a good idea if:1) You use a kitchen roll for various things IN ADDITION to actually using it for food. E.g: cleaning any mess, wiping a utensil or something etc.2) Getting the best BALANCE of cost efficiency vs quality.Unlike some of the trash out there, this actually is a great choice.The paper quality is consistent for at least over the year I have been using.If you want the 'Rolls Royce' of Kitchen Roll Paper (yes I've tried so many) I would personally recommend Selpak's offering. But it comes at a much higher cost of 40-50% at least.
These are great Absorbent and thick. A great value for money price and Solimo specially developed brand by Amazon so maintains the basics of product very well. One star less as there are others which are sold at better value for money price. All in all this is a great and satisfactory product specially if you bought it on a deal price. Don’t think twice it does the job well and absorbs any water or other liquid spills instantly.
I liked this kitchen paper towel set because of it's durable and good quality paper. Very useful and important part of my kitchen. Would not mind buying it again soon.******†*************†*********†********†***********†If you find this helpful please hit the Helpful button. It will encourage me to post more detailed reviews
Useful set of kitchen paper towels. Reasonably priced at 179 for 4 rolls. There's nothing special about the kitchen towels, you'll get the exact same quality at Big Bazaar of their own brand CareMate. And that too at much cheaper price. 120 on Public Holiday sales. I bought this after reading all the positive reviews to see of it was any better, but it is not.The tear-off points for each paper is very good until it hits the middle and then they tear off random, any way they can, which is infuriating at times and a lot of wastage. Buy these only, if you don't have access to local supermarkets or they're far. Mine is just 500 metres from my house

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