Amazon Brand – Presto! Disinfectant Floor Cleaner Lavender, 2 L

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Amazon Brand - Presto! Disinfectant Floor Cleaner Lavender, 2 L

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All purpose cleaner which kills 99.99% germs*; Cleans tough stains ranging from coffee, ketchup, soy sauce, mustard sauce, olive oil etc.; Leaves a refreshing lavender fragrance; Easy to use; Keeps your hands safe; Can be used on a variety of surfaces like ceramic, marble, granite, mosaic etc.

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I bought lavender and pine fragrance from presto.When you buy a new brand in floor cleaners the first thing you will compare it with is.... no prizes for guessing!..... Lyzol.Now I have used Lyzol for donkey's years and I am a satisfied customer.The reason for trying presto was the temptingly low price in deals:)I used it ... it cleans fine ....lathers well and ummmhhh can be used when lyzol ain't Available.Both of them retail at same mrp. With similar kind of options in fragrances.One thing that I noticed instantly is the fragrance is almost nonexistent in presto. The lavender aroma of Lyzol is on the stronger side. Presto doesn't lather as much but cleans well. But if you are sensitive to such aroma presto is the one for you!I can buy either when I get it cheap but if you ask me which is better I shall pick Presto lavender over Lyzol lavender.Hope this is helpful.Thanks for reading.
It is a value for money product, compared to the common household brand Lizol. I haven't done any specific tests to determine if it cleans great or not, but seems like it does a good job. One thing I've noticed is that they have changed the neck of the bottle. In my previous purchases of citrus fragrance, it used to have an inbuilt plastic drip hole , but in the new one there's that metallic shiny seal similar to Lizol bottles. Those things are annoying as they make the liquid trickle from the sides. Anyway, for 189 and free home delivered item it is great.The only cheaper brand than this is Big Bazaar 's CleanMate. Those are buy 1 get 1 during sales
Used to purchase local citronella, got curious and purchased this one.Both of these work well but the lavender scent is too light. Hardly able to notice.Anyways mom is satisfied with the product, will buy again later 🙂
Only reason for giving this 4 stars and not 5 is bc of the longevity of the scent. If you dilute this solution with water and use it in your bathroom, you can barely smell anything. You have to spread a dhakkan's worth of the concentrated solution (after you're done cleaning) in order for the scent to work. Even then, it remains for 2-3 hours max. And God forbid if you open your bathroom windows - tab toh concentrated liquid waali scent bhi turant gayab ho jaayegi.
Cheap and best. Good smell. I was not worried about the quality as it’s an amazon brand and large number of positive reviews. I was worried about getting it safe without leakage. But I was stunned! Amazon is doing great job in terms of packaging and delivery covering almost all areas. They are doing great with Presto brands. Quality is in par with other leading brands but much cheaper. Thanks to amazon. I’m a fan of lavender by the way!

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