DABUR Vedic Suraksha Green Tea Bag, 25

DABUR Vedic Suraksha Green Tea Bag, 25

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Weight38 Grams
Ingredient TypeVegetarian
Item Package Quantity1
Package InformationBag
Package InformationBag
ManufacturerDabur India Ltd
Item part numberFR243025T
Net Quantity25 count
Product Dimensions14.5 x 6.8 x 8 cm; 38 Grams
Country of OriginIndia

Green Tea is produced from tea leaves of Camellia sinensis plant by harvesting the leaves followed by quickly heating and drying to prevent too much oxidation from occurring. DABUR Vedic Suraksha Green Tea comes with the goodness of 5 ayurvedic herbs namely tulsi, kali Mirch, daalchini, shunthi,...

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Totally liked the product because it is Loaded up with green tea and herbs like Tulsi, kali mirch, shunthi,daalchini and kishmish which has it's own benefits and helps boost immunity.Easy to use and the aroma it leaves behind is awesome making it a best product. Would definitely buy again.Highly recommended!
Green tea and Ayurveda have its own benefits and I have seen that everytime I drink this tea, it does make me more alert and ends up driving away my fatigue.It’s easy to prepare and the best detox companion. Pour boiling water on a teabag in a cup. Take it out for a lighter tea. Or leave the teabag longer for a darker cup of green tea. It helps me digest a heavy meal everytime.Recommend to all Green Tea lovers!
When it comes to our health Vedic Suraksha green is the best immunity booster. It makes me relief from any kinds of health related problems. Specially in this COVID-19 situation every should consume this green tea for your protection against this covid. It is the best brand ever-Dabur. It will never may you regret until and unless you sip this tea. It is a special green tea which is made from 5 ayurvedic herbs-tulsi, kali mitch, daalchini, shunthi. As we all know they are really helpful herbs which has anti-bacterial properties. Kishmish also been added for your heart heath and to relief from fatigue. The flavour is too good to consume. Tulsi will help you unstressful because of its antioxidant property, kali mirch will boosts your immune system, daalchini will enhance your digestive system, and shunthi is good for respiratory and brain health. I suggest everyone to sip this special green tea twice in a day. Instead of making it manually at home, buy and try this out at the earliest for your own benefits.
I am regular green tea taker. I have tried many brands.I can assure you that DABUR Vedic suraksha tea is best in the range available.It comes with 5 ayurvedic herbs namely tulsi, kali Mirch, daalchini, sunthi, kishmish. Each herb has its own unique property which contribute to boost immunity.With current pandemic situation the focus is on immunity and staying fit. If you are new to green tea, start with this one as the taste, aroma as well as quality of the product is good.Good backing, Quantity of herbs in each yea bag is perfect to make a tasty simmering cup.
This Dabur vedic suraksha is the perfect blend of green tea and herbs. I was already looking for a pack of green tea in which all the essential ingredients of Kaadha could be found and then I came across this pack. This is perfect blend of green tea and immunity boosters. It consists of five essential herbs which will boost your immunity during this pandemic. It contains goodness of shunthi, dalchini, tulsi, kishmish and kali mirch. Shunthi is dried ginger and is known for soothing throat problems. Tulsi relaxes and helps to burst stress. Dalchini is good to boost immunity and works well in diabetes. Kali mirch or black pepper is rich source of antioxidants and controls throat problems. Kishmish is good source of iron and treats anaemia.Other than this green tea is known for its rich source of antioxidants. This is the reason I call this pack a perfect blend of green tea and herb.I added lemon juice and a spoon of Dabur honey tulsi and the flavor was awesome. It has a strong aroma of ginger.I am serving this tea everyday to my family and none of them have been affected by covid-19 till now. I would highly recommend this product in order to boost your immunity.

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  • Contains the goodness of 5 ayurvedic herbs which help boost immunity
  •  tulsi – helps relieve stress antioxidant action
  •  kali mirch immune modulator helps relieve congestion
  •  daalchini good for metabolism good for digestive health
  •  kishmish good for heart health helps relieve fatigue
  •  shunthi good for respiratory health good for brain health

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