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D-Link DIR-816 Wireless AC750 Dual Band Router at Rs.1880 – Amazon

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Amazon selling D-Link DIR-816 Wireless AC750 Dual Band Router at Rs.1880.

D-Link DIR-816 Wireless AC750 Dual Band Router

Rs. 1,757

D-Link,Wireless without Modem; WPS/Reset Button, Power Switch; Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 12.0, Chrome 20.0, Safari 4.0 or Other Java-enabled Browser; 2.4 GHz WLAN, WPS, Power, 5 GHz WLAN, ...

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Review for NON TECH People - because I am not a tech person.I got this to upgrade my current router because i wasn't getting good range due to too many beams and walls in the house and also my router is located in a bad location for range dispersion... which i cannot help.This "Dual Band" issue was confusing, but i'll get to that. I selected the product simply because it is from a trusted company and has 3 antennas.INSTALLATION: I use Hathway internet (50Mbps connection) in Mumbai.I simply followed the plug in information in the Quick Start guide that comes in the Box. It asks you to then go to the url where you can start the setup of the system.Getting the system running was rather easy - (though it took me two tries and i Reset the router once was all done in 15 minutes)Once you go to the url given, it asks you to change the username for the wifi and give a password (like all routers do) BUT here it shows 2 options. 1) 2.4 ghz and 2) 5 ghz --> Give a different user and password for BOTH.Then i called up Hathway and told them i am changing my router, they simply reset their system on their end and i was up and running.When you check your Wifi connections on your computer or mobile/tab --> BOTH 2.4ghz and 5ghz will show as separate connections.... both are t running off your 1 internet connection that you have.2.4 ghz vs 5ghz usage --> What i figured out by using and also a little help from Google:2.4 ghz connections will give you a slightly slower connection but a stronger signal and range.5 ghz will give you a faster connection when close to the router (best at line of sight) but is poor on the range. it is also supposed to be more stableNOTE: using 2.Read more ›
August 20, 2015
Probably the cheapest dual band router in the Indian market. Now lets get to the pros and cons of this router and let me try and explain to you how this works and in which case you should get this.Lets start with the dual band thing. So you might be tempted to think the router has excellent range after all it has 3 antennas. 5dBi as the companies try and tell you should be very strong. But you will be disappointed with the results. The router has 2 antennas for the 2.4 GHz signal and one for the 5 GHz signal which will show as a different Wi-Fi signal.Let me try and explain to you why you might need dual band signal.You have signal broadcasted at different frequencies 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz here. All the Wi-fi routers have signals broadcasted at 2.4 GHz and having too many routers in a small space makes it difficult to have a good connection and the signals from your router can interfere with signal from a nearby router. So if you are staying in a apartment with many Wi-Fi signals near you, having a the options to switch to 5GHz is a great one to have. But the coverage area for the 5 GHz signal is limited as only one antenna is dedicated for the 5 GHz signal.One more thing many of us might now know is that the 2.4 GHz signal and the 5 GHz signal show us as separate Wi-Fi signals. So if you move away from the router you will have to switch from one Wi-Fi signal to the other.So all in all lets sum up the router for somebody who doesn't want to go into details.1) This is a dual band router.2) Has the latest Wi-Fi 802.11 adapter.3) Has descent range but same as a 2 antenna router.4) Works well for speed upto 750 Mbps. Lets face it, we in India haven't seen speeds more that 50 Mbps.5) Installation is pretty easy.Read more ›
June 21, 2015
As per the Specification Power supply should be 12 V , But Power Adaptor which came along we this router has 5V(Some Duplicate router without any brand name ), Now Adopter is Dead.I Don't think so this is the Original D-link Router Amazon is Providing, I am Disappointed with Amazon
March 30, 2016
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