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Amazon offer where you can buy Creative Woof 3 Bluetooth MP3/FLAC Speaker (Autumn Gold) at Lowest Price Online Rs.2180.

Creative Woof 3 Bluetooth MP3/FLAC Speaker (Autumn Gold)

Rs. 2,180

There are four ways to play your music wireless Bluetooth connectivity, 3.5mm AUX-in cable, USB audio and microSD card that plays music without relying on your smartphone; Great sound with bass you ...

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creative woof 3's bass - 9/10 (compair to it's price)clearty of sound - 8/10it good, do not thing too just buy all aspect it's stand .
February 6, 2016
Creative Technology recently launched the Creative Woof 3, a small bluetooth speaker which aims to compete with the already heated segment of portable speakers. Promising features and competitive pricing are some of the plus points of this product. In the box, along with the documentation and the speaker, only usb cable is provided, no wall adapter is provided with the package. The speaker looks good, but the metallic finish at the sides make it a fingerprint magnet.The audio controls are at the bottom left side of the speaker, with a button at top the for taking calls, and power on/off switch at the bottom. Voice on calls is clear. Instead of three lights to indicate battery levels like previous bluetooth speakers from Creative, in these speakers only the color changes from blue to red when battery is low. There are two lights - The top light and light at the bottom of the back, and they both indicate low battery by changing colors. There is no usb slot, but memory cards upto 32gb of space can be used with the Woof 3.No separate volume controls are provided, so we adjust volume by holding the forward button(to increase volume) and backward button(to decrease volume) for 2 seconds each. This is a good feature as it helps keeping the design minimalistic. To reject calls, one has to press the call button at the top of the Woof 3 for 3 seconds. As far as sound is concerned, the clarity of sound remains perfect, for the time you listen to songs with more treble and less bass. The quality of sound does take a hit if we try to play songs with heavy bass. The bass makes the overall audio output from the speaker sound blanketed or suppressed. This was the only noteworthy con that I found in this product. So let's sum it up -++Pros++1.) Great looks2.Read more ›
February 6, 2016
Creative Woof 3 (3rd generation) is the latest addition to Creative’s growing range of Bluetooth speakers. Consider this as a miniature version of a speaker which has (almost) all the functionalities of a premium Bluetooth speaker but only lighter and cheaper.Pros:-> Compact and very sturdy design with a shiny metal body availability in a variety of colours-> Music can be played 4 ways familiar controls-> Built-in microphone is great to answer/cut calls.-> Surprisingly loud with very clear mids and highs. (How to Turn UP Volume Explained)-> Promising battery life on average use (at about 60% volume)Cons:1. Volume Controls not labeled.2. Metal body is a fingerprint magnetWHAT COMES IN THE BOXCreative Woof3Micro USB cableStarter GuideWEIGHT 237 gramsDESIGNWoof 3 has undergone a complete redesign from its predecessor Woof 2. It is also 40 grams lighter. From the looks of it, the speaker stands out. I mean, you are going to recognize Woof 3 speaker even from a distance, perhaps not too far away as it's small in size.When it comes to looks, this speaker wins, hands down. It feels and looks absolutely stunning! The metal body is a bit of a fingerprint magnet but that can be overlooked. The speaker feels solidly premium with a shiny smooth surface and comes with a wee bit of matte rubber finish on the top on one side with the other side having the metal speaker grill.Is the design of the speaker familiar? Umm, good question. There were a couple of guesses, my first reaction was “wait, doesn’t it look like a miniature shiny Darth Vader’s helmet from Star Wars?Read more ›
February 3, 2016
I bought this is as a gift to someone.And at one point i thought about keeping it for myself. It is that amazing .!!
August 18, 2016
A wonderful product, It has ample volume to fill a moderate sized room. The bass quality and clarity is excellent . I think the usp of this product is the looks and build quality.Eventhough it is a fingerprint magnet, it is magnificiently designed and sturdly built.Had slipped of my hand and had bad fall, but still working fine.And yes, it play lossless music format- FLACCons -1 slippery in hands2 battery is not so excellent 5-6 hrs of playback in full volume.
February 20, 2016
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