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Amazon brings an amazing offer where you can buy Cafe Desire Instant Coffee Premix, 10 Sachets x 15 g at Lowest price Online Rs.112.

Cafe Desire Instant Coffee Premix, 10 Sachets x 15 g

Rs. 112 150

How to Make: Just add 100ml hot water to Cafedesire Coffee premix to enjoy your instant delicious cup of coffee, just like home-made, in less than a minute.; Taste: Good

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So first of all I was surprised and happy to receive a free packet of lemon and cardamom tea with the coffee as a complimentary gift. Thanks to the seller for the same.Now coming to product:1. Coffee premix- tastes good, color ok. This is a good premix to give instant charge when you are bored. And on the top the coffee did not have any bad rancid smell which we sometime find in other premix. Since I like strong coffee I would like it more, if the quantity of coffee in the premix was a bit high. A good froth would have been a good add on to the coffee. I have added photo of a cup of coffee made with this premix.2. Cardamom tea premix- It tasted really good, the smell of cardamom of quite refreshing.3. Lemon tea premix- it smelt refreshing. Taste wise good. It is bit on tangier side, which some people can like.To summarize, you can go for this product as this satisfies the coffee craving and is not very costly one. To get strong taste you can add some more coffee powder into your cup.Please let me know if you have find my review helpful. It will encourage me to write more reviews.
October 4, 2016
Really impressed with the coffee flavor and aroma. It does not produce a froth but you must add water from a little height to have a nice cup of coffee! Also suggested to a coffee lover friend! An easy access to coffee specially to those who live away from home. The coffee packet was delivered on time and the packaging was also done to secure the contents properly.
August 26, 2016
The taste is very good, no complaints there. But the price is slightly on the higher end. As someone who drinks 3-4 cups a day, I think I will be needing one pack (10 sachets for Rs 150) every 3 days which is quite expensive. Probably instead of a 150gm pack, a 500g or 1kg pack priced competitively with other brands like Nescafe or Bru will be more attractive for price and brand conscious people like me. Otherwise, the taste, packaging & delivery are good. The complimentary tea sachets were definitely a pleasant surprise!
October 2, 2016
he Product is really very good. I ordered a 10 packs of coffee and they also gave me a 6 sachets (3 of cardemom and 3 of Lemon tea) as a complementary gift which is very nice. The coffee taste is good though i have not tried cardemom tea but theri lemon tea taste is also very good.The only concern i have is that in the lemon teas the sugar content is very high , they should not add any sugar in it. I would have ordered the lemon tea if they had without sugar option.
September 19, 2016
My only problem with it is that one pack makes just 65ml of coffee (as per the instructions on the packet). So for an average cup youdy need 2-3 sachets making the price go to ₹30-45 per cup. For that price you might as well buy a higher end product like nescafe or maybe even davidoff. Otherwise the delivery was on time. They even threw in a few complementary packs of tea premix as a pleasant surprise. The taste is okay as long as youre not a hard-core coffee enthusiast
September 17, 2016
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