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The Bodyguard Spray

Rs. 122

Easy and ready to use. THUMB-CUT DOME for instant use even in the dark.; Spray nozzle always points towards attacker's face. Spray reaching upto 7 ft; Rapid action within seconds Disabling the ...

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The BodyGuard Spray- The product is small and handy ; you can easily carry it in your clutch/handbag . Very easy to operate .-Though it was weird that it arrived in a really big box which had nothing much to do with the size of the product inside. It comes with the instruction manual which help you understand the implications . ( images below )- Fortunately , I haven't got a chance to use it YET ! But I did test it once for about half a second and the effect was beyond my imagination. It is really strong and I'm assuming that it'll easily do what it is made for !- If you ever have to use it - ensure that you immediately run/move after you spray even in the opposite direction because it is really strong and effective.- Needless to say , please keep it out of reach of children , else the results can be horrendous.I'd recommend this product.~ The SilverLining Review ~
June 11, 2016
Ordered : 2016-01-01Delivered : 2016-01-08Time Taken for Delivery: 7 Days------------------------------------------------Pros:------------------------------------------------1. Very good value for money product [I bought for 125 Rs ($2) ] and also has a very decent shelf life (expiry date) of 3 years from date of manufacture !!!2. As mentioned this cover will be useful in very important time like,- Walking lonely in dark street,- Carrying cash unarmed- Walking or driving alone- Senior citizens alone in home- Absence of male members in the house- Hostile workplace- Dog attacks during night of deserted place- Attacks from wild animals while trekking in forest or mountainous region- While going for road trip etc...3. Extremely strong essence to instantly make the offender to put on ground.The major advantage of using a Knife / Gun instead of Pepper spray is that,if you hack or shoot the person during your emergency, you gonna end up in so much problem to let you off form judiciary to prove that you are innocent if you kill the offender or seriously injure them with dangerous weapon.But if you are using Pepper spray, it'll instantly make them unable to open their eyes or walk for 30 mins to 1 hour, which will give you ample time to escape from that location, and also, the offender will be completely Okay after a hour, though he will go thought painful time.So there you go, you can use the pepper spray, IF YOU ARE IN SERIOUS TROUBLE without worrying.Read more ›
November 3, 2015
Entire bottle empties out in 9 seconds. That's what it says in the bottle. So if you test it, make sure you don't waste too much. I haven't tried it. Many thanks to all the reviewers who did, if you hadn't reviewed this product I could not have known if this works. I trust your review and expect it to work if/when need arises. I think it's worth it for the confidence you get.
February 5, 2016
Super effective and a must have for self protection.Tried it on a friend just to test efficacy and it his hand burnt for full 5-6 hours so for safety I think it can be helpful tool.Safety tip- cover your face before spraying and don't play with it I tried and it was not that cool.
July 17, 2016
I had heard of pepper sprays for security but never in my wildest imaginations had I imagined that it would be so strong. I bought it and just for testing sprayed for less than half a second in air and the impact was horrendous . It caused a burning sensation in my eyes, nose, throat and left me choking, sneezing, vomiting. I wonder what would happen to someone on whom it would be sprayed. A must have for all women and men could also have it too.
February 18, 2016
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