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Amazon selling Audio Technica ATH-S100 BGR On-The-Ear Headphone at Discounted Price Rs.899.

Audio Technica ATH-S100 BGR On-The-Ear Headphone

Rs. 899 1699

Over-the-head; 36 mm Headphone Driver Units; 15 Hz - 22000 Hz Headphone Frequency Response; On the Ear Headphone; 32 ohm Headphone Impedance

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I am writing this review, being already, in possession of a pair of Skullcandy Uprock and Sennheiser HD 202 II headphones. The former was purchased as a replacement for my iPod earphones, which seemed pretty decent, and the latter, for monitoring audio while recording, or practicing in our little amateur band :-).The online buyer is led in many ways to believe that quality Only comes at a very high price. It may not be so all the time. This offer on Amazon seemed one which was very difficult to ignore. Since I appreciate music in depth, and take tonal quality rather seriously, I did read quite a few reviews before making my choice. And the right choice it did seem.The Sound: The Most important aspect of any audio system, with respect to the Quality of the tone, the Clarity of music and the Resolution of the audio frequency spectrum in the best possible way. There are many audio systems and speakers that offer superlative quality, at of course, a hefty price, but striking a balance between quality and price is often a tough one. Frequency response - The headphones seemed to handle the spectrum with considerable grace. The low end is tight, the lower ends sound full and warm, and thankfully not boomy or ill defined, which would otherwise, have cast an aural fog over the music. The highs are sharp and not shrill or overtly tinny. The midrange is where it scored the most: Clear and bold, without the usual hollow quality displayed by a few other units. Tone - Natural and smooth, listening to music seemed to offer a pleasant experience, with an almost 'Live' feel.Read more ›
September 22, 2016
The audio quality of this product is the reason why I am not returning it.. The plastic used in manufacturing feels quite cheap and gives quirky sound when held.The headset feels tight because of the same reason that plastic is quite hard..The wire used for these headphones is also not durable and I think it ll break if malhandled..But the thing I loved is its audio quality... One may not find such audio quality in at least 1800 rs headphones. And I am happy with the fact that I just paid 1k for these as I bought em during the freedom sale.
August 24, 2015
I am surprised to see some comments about great build quality and decent bass. I got the product from Amazon's own CloudTail in a pathetic condition. One of the ear pieces came out and was dangling. All the internal wires had come out. The cable was not folded in a tie and there was no box packing. I could have forgotten all these, had the headphones sounded good. The notes are alright but the bass is totally absent. And this spoils all the fun. May be a musician or audiophile can detect tiny nuances of music but all I hear is a flat, not-at-all loud, unexiting music for any track I play. If this is due to damage from the terrible packaging by Amazon, then the packaging scores zero. In any case, the headphones are unusable. Audio Technica's M50X is touted as one of the best headphones, but they cost 10 times as much as this. I didn't expect that their headphone could be so flimsy and lack lustre. Apparently, you can get a portable amplifier to bass boost the tracks, but they cost double the price of this headphone. I have had various passive headphones in the past, some cheaper than this, that gave good sound with good bass. Disappointing experience.
October 25, 2015
Got this product delivered yesterday ..the delivery was awesome ..almost in 12 hrs !Coming to the product , it looks amazingThe cushion is very comfortable ,had no problems listening to it continuously. Been listening to it for a day and these are my reviewsComfort - 10Sound clarity - 9Looks and build - 9Bass -5Yes this headphones have very less bass bass lovers dont buy this .For someone looking for style and good clarity in mids these are awesome ..and these are much better than skullcandy and bass lovers can go for sony xb series for this price range
August 5, 2015
For the price, it is definitely worth the money. Bass is not too intense which is good. Once adjusted to fit your head, its quite comfortable. Audio Technica does make some good looking headphones.
May 14, 2015
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