Admiria Ultra Thin Extra Dry Sanitary Pad/Napkins -XL+ (Pack of 30)

Admiria Ultra Thin Extra Dry Sanitary Pad/Napkins -XL+ (Pack of 30)

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These are perfumed sanitary napkins with advanced gel technology and extra dry protection sheet added dryness and comfort. These pads are 20% extra long, upto 350mm, for heavy flow and extra long hours protection against stains. The dual cover double protection sheet ensures instant absorption to...

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I rarely write a review but this products calls for one because when u buy it, there is no option to return it. And lot of the reviews are quite misleading. So please read this review before buyingI would say it is very soft but thats it! it has nothing else which qualifies as a good product.Few of the cons are -1. Packaging - it is not a comfortable packaging and to carry it to office or anywhere else you might require additional packaging which might be unhygienic.2. Absorbency - I have never used it till it was full so I am not sure how much it absorbs, reason being it does not absorb the fluid right away which results in leakages. The product's first layer is some how anti-absorbent and it throws liquid way out of line.3. Size - I chose this product because I wanted regular size but regular size for this pad is dangerous. Since the absorbency is not good and has high % of leakage, small/regular size would definitely result in disaster (I already faced two and its while I was using it for the first time)4. Fragrance - I did not smell any fragrance5. Value for money - I have a whole packet lying with me and I am thinking what should I do with it because giving it away for free is also a crime, I do not wish for such an unfriendly accident even for my enemies.Overall they really made the pad soft and fat but killed everything essential in the process. It has a lot of scope of improvement. Right now I would have given 0 stars if it was possible.Hope this helps in deciding!Feedback to the manufacturer - Please understand this product is being used for a very intimate requirement, so its your moral duty to make products which does not leave us stranded and humiliated in front of the public, so its a humble request to you that you either discontinue this product or make serious changes to it.
I bought it again from amazon, It is not made for heavy flow, can be use for day only... Not for night.... In this price product is good....18-9-2020I have ordered it 4th time good product
I was very excited after reading the reviews and stars that is would be a good product, but after using it i felt its not up to the mark. Somehow i didn't like the product. I would recommend the manufacturer that it should be little long and regarding the fragrance a big fails to here... only thing is it is soft and comfortable.
When it comes to sanitation, top quality pads must be preferredAdmiria comfort sanitary napkins provide high quality sanitation and prevents leakageThe dimensions are perfect and is very comfortable
I was using many trusted brands from long, one of my friend suggest me to try these sanitary napkins and I am very happy after using these napkins, just want to say, napkins are so soft and comfortable, no any itching and irritation problems even after using 6 to7 hrs, easily absorption, wings glue is much better, size is very comfortable for nights and heavy flow days with this cost, really recommended.

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  • Extra dry surface – keep dry, get comfortable
  • Gel technology for instant absorption, bid bye to rewet
  • Delicate wings to free your movements
  • Fresh perfume parting to odours
  • Dual cover double protection sheet for no leakages

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