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Amazon brings an amazing offer where you can buy Wonderchef 400 Watt Nutri-Blend, White(Freebies may vary) at Rs.2159.

Wonderchef 400 Watt Nutri-Blend, White(Freebies may vary)

Rs. 2,159 5000

Compact and consumes less space as compared to the bulky food processors and mixers; Gives you complete solution, you will pack your food-processor away; No multiple and complicated attachments; Two ...

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I wish to post this feedback after a lot of thoughtful use of the nutriblend.I carefully evaluated various products online and on tv promos and decided for the nutriblend (influenced greatly by Sanjeev Kapoors great promotional skills).Ordering was very easy on Amazon as usual.The delivery was also prompt.However, the blend quality , even after a few uses , is still not of a consistent quality.Mind you,the product blends superbly. But there is a possibility that there may be a few chunks of the ground food left out.Juices are not as shown on the promos. ( or atleast I have not been able to reproduce the seenquality!)THE MAJOR DRAWBACK that I encountered was that this nutriblend has a silicon gasket ring fitted inside the blade cap attachment. This silicon ring simply comes out or does not fit snugly enough to withstand the blending process.WORST of all, it breaks and mixes with the food being blended.I have ordered for a replacement ring on the Wonderchef helpline. They have promised to courier me 2 rings(thoughtfully) in the next 7-15 days.HOWEVER, I am now wondering whether I should use this silicon ring after all,considering that it might just break an a small piece might end up unknowingly in our stomachs alongwith the juice/blends.All in all , I am truly left WONDERING on how to overcome this silicon issue and still use the Wonderchef safely.USERS MAY DO CONSIDER THE EFFECTS OF HAVING SILICON with their blends if they are careless in observing the ring after the blending process.Strangely, I have used similar silcion rings placed in the lids of pressure cookers for a long time and their design has been such that I would never imagine the ring to simply break and merge with the food!SURELY THE DESIGNER OF THE NUTRIBLEND MUST IMPROVE ON THE RING QUALITY AND FITTING MECHANISM based on this feedback.
March 9, 2015
No after sales services and customer care dont respond. The silicon ring is of very poor quality and falls apart immediately.
May 26, 2015
Wonderchef is a sub-standard & poor quality design. It did not last for two days before started leaking. Since this problem came up in both the jars i am concluding that it is due to poor design and/or sub-standard quality. I had to return it.
February 12, 2015
This is my second purchase of this machine. Practically speaking, this is the best smoothie maker in its price range.. I'm using it since 6 months in a family of 2. The best smoothie maker in the world is an american brand called Vitamix. It is yet unavailable in India and it is very expensive. I have actually made a YouTube video on apple amla smoothie with this.Pros:1. Makes a decent smoothie of all fruits. we have tried apple, guava, grapes, papaya, oranges, etc.. If you juice these fruits in a juicer you lose a lot of pulp as fibre.2. It is very stable while working. The base is bottom heavy and you can make a hands free smoothie unlike many mixers in India.Cons:1. It takes longer to fully pulverize hard veggies like carrot, beetroot, amla.. you would notice this especially if you combine fruits and veggies. The veggies are left with small pieces in fruit smoothie2. The jar is small, only 500 mL. I have a small family so its ok. Larger families think twice. I bought a separate one to gift parents.Overall, a decent and compact addition to my kitchen..
January 28, 2016
Hello Everybody, I'm writing this review as I know there are many people who want a good blender to make smooth smoothies and with the increase of health consciousness the demand of this product is also growing. I was searching for a good blender for a while and as my budget was average that is why this less popular brand was tempting my wish, and also found many mixed reviews here and there online and finally after gathering little courage I went for it.PRODUCTS INSIDE THE BOX: - 1 Blender ( the motor part) 2 jars ( 1 for smoothie making + 1 for masala making) 6 set of plastic glasses. 1 recipe book by Swati Thoda.Pros : - 1. 400w powerful motor will satisfy your smoothie or masala makingneeds. I tried with different fruit smoothies ( like, mango, pineapple, apple, litchi,peach, grape, watermelon, banana etc) and vegetable smoothies ( like papaya, spinach, dates, almonds, carrots, ginger, cucumber etc) .They blend in perfectly within 15-30sec.So there are no complaint for its blending purpose. It comes with two types of jars. 1 blending ( which is little taller) and the other 1 is little smaller, which is for making dry/wet masala.Quality of those jars are good, atleast it worth with the money.You will get additional lids for those jars and a seasoning lid for season dry masala on the dish.The blades for blending and grinding both are impressive in quality.Also you will get 6 set of glasses which are all good by their quality.Above all, in total quality, quantity and working nature are all good.Cons: - 1. If you are looking for a big one or your family has a big number of members then it is not for you.In one shot you can blend smoothies for 2 persons maximum.Read more ›
June 27, 2016
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