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Rs. 299 Rs. 400 2016-10-06 10:48:32

Amazon offer where you can buy Targus Armor ACH114AP-52 4-Port Powered USB Hub 2.0 (Black) at Lowest Price Online Rs.299.

Targus Armor ACH114AP-52 4-Port Powered USB Hub 2.0 (Black)

Rs. 299 400

Compatibility: Designed to work with PC, Mac and netbook computers; Functionality: Turns one USB port into four with one open port; Design: A compact design makes it easy to transport anywhere; ...

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Item Height

13 Millimeters

Item Width

33 Millimeters

Item Weight

82 g

Product Dimensions

8.4 x 3.3 x 1.3 cm

Item model number


Hardware Platform

PC, Mac

Included Components


It's robust and looks good.. I am facing little problem1.I have Dell Ultrabook, there is no USB port at left, so I have to connect at back or right side. If I connect to right it fits in opposite directions, cables additional gazettes need to be connected from back side of the hub and they get folded.. see photograph.2 I am using Risor to for correct posture while working.. the connector length is too short (see photo) , hub hangs in air..
November 3, 2014
Pro's: No setup is required as the system - i have Win 7 64 bit - automatically detected it. Have attached multiple devices to it like keyboard, mouse and a blue tooth adapter. All are working - have checked each device separately.Cons: The cable is very short. May have worked with a laptop but I wanted it for my PC and it dangles in the air. Have to place a lot of thick books below for it to reach the required level.Overall just ok. Should have spent more money and bought a better product.
October 17, 2014
This hub is a classy little delight. Looks neat. Gives a nice feel, 'cos of its perfect finish.One compromise we need to live with though. If your laptop has a USB port to your right, this hub trespasses your mouse's area, when attached. Which means you need to park your mouse farther away from the PC. And, that means ergonomics goes out of the window. Straight.That said, this is still a good addition to your system repertoire.
January 2, 2015
This hub claims to be a powered hub. Only when you look closer does it say that no external power is required and that it is powered by your laptop. I'd suggest a name change.
September 25, 2013
I have had this product for a month now. I was looking for a USB hub as my work laptop only has two USB ports. I use external wired keyboard and mouse while working and that leaves no scope to use a memory drive, dongle or charge your phone.The size of the hub is quite compact -easy enough to carry even in a pocket and the build quality is good. There are four USB slots in this hub and although I have tested this to work with all four ports, I¡'m regularly using it with 2-3 ports and have not encountered any issues till date. It has a thick flexible cord which will got get tangled with other wires which is a good thing. The length of the cord is small (around 3.5 inches)- this should not be a problem for laptop users since in normal condition, your laptop should rest on a desk (unless you use it every time only on your lap º) but for desktop users the hub may dangle in air, which someone like me might find irritating. The attached pic will give you an idea about the size of the hub and length of the cord. For my purpose- the length of cord is perfect; otherwise I would have to coil it; however this might not be the case for you, so take informed decision on this.The only issue I see is that when you plugin into a machine every time-it installs drivers and then gets recognized, so after plugin it takes around 1 minute before its working. I've two laptops with Windows 7 and I could see this on both- this might not be the case with Windows 8 or IOS. The other catch is this does not support USB3.0, but since I was not looking for it, it i's not a problem for me.Amazon packing and delivery;as usual; was fantastic!
April 29, 2015
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