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Amazon offering Sunbaby Collapsable Bed (Pink) at Lowest Price Online Rs.6599.

Sunbaby Collapsable Bed (Pink)

Rs. 6,599 9699

Get this cute collapsible bed for your baby, which is a cute imitation of a wooden bed; The bed from Sunbaby is recommended for kids of zero to four years of age; Constructed from metal and plastic, ...

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Aweful quality,the bed arrived with one side bolt broken and couldn't be fixed.Though the bed looks beautiful,i also realised that this can't be used for kids above 6 months,because once they start turning ,sitting and movign ,they bang their heads on the sides and for that ,wrought iron is sure to cause injuries.Even if a bumper is used on the sides,the kids generally end up standign and banging on the edges.Not a good purchase,always buy a wooden cot instead.I returned the piece and bought wooden cot .
August 7, 2015
The assembly is quite easy. Just unfold the frame, set base of the cot (the base is somewhat similar to the frame and is foldable). Now place the mattress which is provided as part of the purchase on top of the base. The so called mattress is just a thin layer of cushion (approx 1 inch) on top of a hard wooden board. The stitching is decent but nothing to complain about. Finally just put the wheels on all four legs. The wheels are optional and are kept in place only by the weight of the frame. It would have been easier if there was some kind of clamp which held the wheel more firmly with the legs. However after a few frustrating minutes of trying to fit the wheels and finally when all 4 legs sit comfortably on the 4 wheels, everything is very smooth. We have been using it since the last 1 month and haven't found anything else to complain about. Overall the product is a good value for money.Pros:1. Value for money2. Nice color.3. Simple and elegant design.4. Can be installed ourselves. Having a second person in the family to help makes things a lot more easier.5. The wheels are very helpful in moving the crib across the house.Cons:1. The mattress is not that good. We can use it temporarily. Serves as a good base for a new proper mattress.2. The mattress cushion is stitched on top a wooden board which doesn't feel like it can hold a lot of weight. Good enough for babies but a little grown up children may be a little difficult.3. The wheels are held in place due to the weight of the crib. Would have been easier if there was a better mechanism to fit the wheels at the bottom of the crib legs.
March 25, 2015
It is a well designed and build item. I should accept that its very sturdy and the wheels make it more flexible.Some of the reviews said that they received 4 wheels and all of them are with locks but however i received only 2 wheels with lock and other 2 was normal wheels.The mattress are not good enough for cushioning, you've to use your own. Please note that if your baby is nearing a year or so... then you should put a bed liner to safe guard any injury to you baby. The baby will try to catch hold of anything and likes to stand up or roll within the bed. In the process baby's head may crash to the iron sides.I've tried to find bed liner online but could not risk the size so had to tailor made at home. This is the reason i deduct a star from this item. I believe this item should also have a bed liner along with it. The seller may keep it optional for users to purchase.
May 4, 2015
The product is not a durable product that any person can think of,after delivering this at my house,the rivett got damaged and removed which support the frame and after 7 days wheel got damaged now it is of no use
August 26, 2015
Too good for my 8 months old daughter, I will be tension free while I am busy with other work. Only one thing I didn't like is the currier company, Gati. The person didn't return my balance of Rs. 47. I know it is a small amount but still they have no right to keep the balance amount. When I asked to return the balance, he clearly told me that "I am keeping this as "Bakshish", everyone gives this much amount & in case of AC we take at least 100".... As I was alone at home didn't argue much, but I this is not acceptable. We don't know Gati, we know Please take care of this part.
June 7, 2015
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