Stanley 71996IN 42-Piece Ultimate Tool Kit at Rs.1499 – Amazon

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Rs. 1,499 Rs. 3,295 2016-12-28 15:22:13

Amazon offering Stanley 71996IN 42-Piece Ultimate Tool Kit at Rs.1499 – Amazon.

Stanley 71996IN 42-Piece Ultimate Tool Kit with 200 accessories

Rs. 1,499 3295

Complete kit no other tool will be necessary; Rust proof tools; Includes set of 200 pieces hardware consumables; Life time warranty against any manufacturing defects; Includes: 8 pieces hex key ...

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Quality of stanley products inside the bag are not good. I have used a stanley screw driver earlier which is much superior than the one which came in this bag. Honestly i felt that all the tools provided in this bag are just branded as "stanley" however in reality they did not have that quality. I suggest not to go with this.
October 14, 2015
the stanley toolkit is a very good buy for home use. the quality and finish is excellent, and the rubber grip is fantastic.the only let-down is the hack saw, which can be discarded. plus, the 42-piece is more of a jacked up number with 10 screwdriver bits and 2 sizes of 8 hex-keys sets which ideally should be counted as single unit each.the toolkit could be enriched with some more additions like : measuring tape, wire stripper, soldering iron, rubber mallet, groove plier, needle/long nose plier, nipper plier and the professional saw ...
December 31, 2015
Its must to have product best alternative to Bosch Toolkit if you don't want the driller.Best Quality Products & Must to Have:-1 pc Bit Driver (Good Quality & Sturdy)-1 pc 6 inch Adjustable Wrench with CRV (Good Quality & Sturdy but quite tiny)-8 pcs Hex key Wrench with Holder : 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 5.5, 6 mm with CRV (Good Quality & Sturdy thought when used with screwdriver feel loose)-8 pcs Hex key Wrench with Holder : 1/16, 5/64, 1/8, 5/32, 3/16, 7/32, Πwith CRV (Good Quality & Sturdy thought when used with screwdriver feel loose)-1 pc 8" Scissors(Very Good Quality & Sturdy)-10 pcs 25L BIT with Holder (Very Good Quality & Sturdy, fits perfectly)-1 pc 7oz Claw Hammer with 45 Carbon Steel(Very Good Quality & Sturdy)-1 pc 8" Combination Plier with 55 Carbon Steel(Very Good Quality & Sturdy)Good To Have:-1 pc Bag(Decent Quality & perfect size, keeps everything together)-1 pc Hardware Accessory Box(Good to have)-1 pc 18 mm Knife(Good Quality)-1 pc 9" LED Flash light(No batteries included though they have provided an adapter for holding 3 batteries which is very flimsy, 3 AAA batteries required, lits up pretty well)-1 pc Insulation Tape(Good to have)-1 pc 9" Vial Torpedo Level(Good to have, though I am not sure whether I will use it or not)Bad or very flimsy quality:-4 pcs Precision Screwdriver (Not good, wont last)-1 pc Auto Tester(Not good not even close to what taparia provides, wont last )-1 pc 10" mini Saw(Useless)
June 15, 2016
Excellent kit but the hack saw is unusable due to the terrible design. This toolkit has everything you need except for maybe a multimeter but you would have to buy a hack saw to go with it.
September 16, 2015
The tools are all high quality, but the bag is a disappointment. It is just a pouch-type with a single compartment. With so many tools, it can be a hassle finding the tool you want as they all get mixed up inside due to lack of compartments.
August 3, 2016
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