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Rs. 125 2016-09-08 15:21:34

Amazon brings an amazing offer where you can buy ST. D’VENCÉ Aloe Vera Gel (250 ML) at Lowest Price Rs.125.

ST. D'VENCÉ Aloe Vera Gel (250 ML)

Rs. 125

Ultra-Cooling Aloe Vera Gel | Super Soothing on Sunburns | Reduces Redness Inflamation; Ultimate Skin Moisturizer with Natural Hydrating Properties | Quickly Absorbing, Non-Sticky and Zero Sticky ...

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I have been using this for over 2 weeks, and this is not upto that mark as other St D'Vence lotions.1. Strong smell. Personally, I like mild smell. Fades away in sometime though.2. Slimy initially (usual Aloe Vera). When applied gives a cool and soothing feeling on dry skin. However, this dries up very fast and hence not suitable for dry climate.3. Very little or No protection from UV and Sunburn. I got sunburns recently, tried this and don't see any improvement.4. Costly a bit compared to quantity. Got a voucher from seller for ₹100 as initial offer. Final price paid : ₹125.5. No skin whitening or tan removal agents. This is simple Aloe Vera. Soothing.6. Not much help on the insect bites.Also, this contains:Aloe - I guess everyone has seen this plantNeem Extract : Not sure on which part if being extracted.Aqua - Water/water based gelFragrance - PerfumeUrea - A moisturizing ingredientCarbopol - thickeners, suspending agents and stabilizers, utilized in a wide variety of personal care productsPropylene Glycol - It is used as a solvent for pigments in cosmetics. Sometimes used as preservative also. Non toxic in nature.Polyethylene glycol 400 - Usually for binding together.Iso Propyl alcohol - These types of volatile alcohols give products a quick-drying finish that feels weightless on skinSodium Methyl paraben - Preservative. Might cause Breast cancer and should strictly not be used around eyes. This can cause blindness if goes inside eyes.Sodium Propyl paraben - Preservative.Read more ›
May 25, 2016
The product is not bio or herbal. Moreover, instead of soothing my skin, it makes it itchy . it is also not moisturizing at all and upon application it simply dries away leaving a faint perfumed odor....disappointing product
June 22, 2016
Too good. gives a refreshing feel when applied after bath in the evening when i return from office. It cools down my sun burnt chapped skin. However one problem, too much perspiration after using it. Need to stay under AC after application.
May 16, 2016
It has really good effect on Face. After putting it on the face keep it for 2-3 minutes and keep massaging till it gets absorbed for best results.I could see termendous improvements on my face.And the best part price is also feasible.
August 1, 2016
Amazing product!! Thank you amazonIts an amazing product for summer . It gives a cooling sensation i recommended this product to my friend she said her acne problem was solved when she applied the product regularly. Better apply the gel on wet face it will give you more cooling effect . I applied on hands and it gave me relief from sunburn. 😍
June 12, 2016
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