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Amazon offering Soundmagic ES18S In-Ear Headphone With Mic at Discounted price Rs.449.

Soundmagic ES18S In-Ear Headphone With Mic (Red)

Rs. 449 1099

Inline microphone and remote, works with most smartphones and tablets.; Transducers: Dynamic 10mm Neodymium Driver; Frequency Range: 15Hz-22KHz; Cable Length: 1.2m (3.5ft); 3.5mm right-angle

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I was using a Sennheiser CX400 (₹4,000) and it didn't even last a year before the left ear piece stopped functioning. Because i lost the bill, i couldn't get it repaired. I absolutely loved the CX400, and was heartbroken. Since i am somewhat audiophile, i didn't think any other brand could replace the kind of exquisite sounds that the Sennheiser produced. And i didn't have the money to invest in another CX400. I was angry that it broke within a year of purchase. Determined to find a cheap replacement, i started studying the available options, and after a lot of deliberation, I zoomed in on the ES18s. The price was very affordable, and reviews positive. When i got it and i put it on, i just couldn't believe it! It had the same kind of sound signature as the Sennheiser! The bass wasn't overpowering, but the low notes were very clear. The treble was sparkly, but not sharp enough to cause discomfort. And the mids are the best part about this particular earphones. Unlike most earphones these days, that cut the mids, for whatever screwed up reason they do so, these babies retain almost pure mid range information, and most audiophiles will understand this to be of great value, because musical detail resides mostly in the mid range. These earphones are just delightful. I still can't believe such a company exists, and such earphones exist in such a price point. The ES18s is definitely not the best earphones there every was, but I don't have the budget for the best that exist. These earphones hit an amazing sweetspot. It does not compromise with quality. You will develop a special bond with these earphones and recommend to friends and family. For the price, you will be happy to gift these to your friends and family.
July 30, 2016
I have been using these earphones for almost a week now.I also own the cheaper version.The main difference between this one (ES18S) and the cheaper one (ES18) is the addition of an inline mic section with the ES18S. Everything else ,including sound quality is same.Well as a brand there is no doubt that sound magic produces one of the best headphones at affordable prices.This one is no exception.--------------------------#DESIGN ,BUILD QUALITY AND In- EAR COMFORT--------------------------I bought the orange+grey one ,which in my opinion is the most eye catching one.In terms of design these are very simple looking just as any other headphone in this range,also the shells are plastic made to keep the weight down.Additionally the wires are not flat type but still they are not that prone to tangling.(Atleast it will not drag your earphones down).All of these converts to better in-ear fit and comfort.I use these daily and I am very happy with the in-ear comfort.You may not even feel that you have headphones inside your ears.There is also a switch which can be used to switch between IOS or android mode.Well thats a really good thing ,because you can use it with almost all phones.But many users have complained that the switch gets damaged very easily.It is true to some extent ,but still I think and hope it will last for long.I have not noticed any such issues till now ,will surely update this review ,if it stops working withing 2-3 months.At the end ,Audio jack is 90 degree bent which is what I needed.Because with that ,I can hold my phone while gaming and the jack will not be a hurdle.Another advantage of the L shape plug is its a little less likely to snap or bend and damage the socket while in your pocket.
August 18, 2016
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