SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0, SDDD2 32GB, USB3.0, Black at Rs.569 – Amazon

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Amazon selling SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0, SDDD2 32GB, USB3.0, Black at Lowest Price Rs.569.

SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0, SDDD2 32GB, USB3.0, Black, USB3.0/micro-USB connector, OTG-enabled Android devices

Rs. 569

Product Type: USB Flash Drives; Free Express Shipping to your doorstep. You don't have to pay anything extra!!; This product is imported from USA - It is a 100% genuine product; The price includes ...

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Works really well with my Moto G (1st Gen), though I am using it with ES3 File Explorer App available on Android Play Store. Its an excellent product for android smartphones having no expandable memory and one wants some extra storage space. Before purchasing the product, one can check whether this flash drive is compatible with your smartphone on Sandisk also provides 5 years warranty on this product.For people who do not know what an OTG Flash Drive is - It is actually a product which has dual functionality because it has two connectivity ports - with the 1st one it can be connected to your Laptop/PC like a normal Pen Drive and with the other one you can connect it to your smartphone directly and can transfer/move/copy files like videos, movies, music files, photos, images, etc. We do not need an OTG Cable to connect it to our smartphone. This product has a retractable slider which limits its connectivity to one thing at a time. This means you can connect it to either your Laptop/PC or your Smartphone at a time - cannot be connected to both devices simultaneously.This is one of the latest products from Sandisk launched in 2015. It has USB 3.0 which makes transfer of files very very fast!Thank you Amazon for a providing a great product at an affordable price - Got it on 1 Sept 2015 in Lightning Deal Rs. 511 for the 16GB Version.PS - Writing my 1st ever review on Amazon - if you find it useful please support by liking my review so that I am encouraged to write more reviews in Future. Thanks. Cheers. 🙂
September 4, 2015
The Drive is about 3 centimeters long and about 2 centimeters wide. There is a full size USB 3.0 connector on one end. The center of the drive has a metal ring that allows you to attach a lanyard if needed. Switching the drive over to the OTG connection reveals a full size micro USB connection ready to go.The SanDisk Ultra Dual is factory formatted with the FAT32 file system and offers 28.9GB of capacity.The drive was capable of 110 - 120 MB/s read and 15-20 MB/s write.Mounted on a Nexus 5 I was able to play a 1080P Full HD MKV file (11GB total file size) with no issues at all.As mentioned already the slider mechanism is a little hard and does not inspire the greatest confidence. I fear that this will be the first part to fail but only time and usage will tell.So far I am happy with the drives performance.Attached screenshots display drive benchmarks.
October 28, 2015
The pen drive is solid on specs. For it's price, it offers a lot of storage, and comes with USB 3.0.And then there's they direct OTG support for phones. All of this makes the product really enticing.Then there's the actual implementation. Don't get me wrong; the build quality isn't bad, so to speak. However, the mechanism to switch between the two sides, or even use one side from the initial "closed" position is so tedious.The switch is not very responsive. It can get stuck sometimes.And especially on the full-size USB port side, the pen drive sometimes recedes back into the casing while trying to insert in a PC/laptop.So you have to keep the switch held tightly and then push it in.It may be a small issue to some. But for me, it literally gets in the way of how I'm supposed to start using this device. Makes for a pretty poor user experienceLastly, if you format the pendrive in NTFS format, android phones can't detect it. If you format in exFAT, music players/home theatres/TVs won't detect it. So you're forced to stick with FAT32 formatting, which takes the limelight away from the USB 3.0 support by reducing speeds.So even though the product was promising on paper, it was definitely a let-down in real use.
July 11, 2016
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