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Amazon Offer where you can buy Rossmax GB102 Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor at Lowest price Online Rs.539.

Rossmax GB102 Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor

Rs. 539 1500

Chrome-plate brass air release valve; Black enamel 300 mmHg non-stop pin reliable manometer; Latex free cuff; Light-weight stethoscope; 2 years warranty

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Excellent product. Certainly value for the money. Pressure-meter is accurate. Stethoscope is pretty good. You may however need some tweaking to get the best results. Pressure meter may arrive with some zero error ( meaning it does not read zero when cuff is totally deflated ). Mine arrived with a zero error of 6mmHg. This can be easily adjusted ( not mentioned in user's manual ). Remove the rubber tube from the nozzle of the meter. Loosen the nut holding the nozzle ( nut has two small dents in which you can insert two tips of a nose-pliers and turn the nut ) and then just turn the nozzle anticlockwise to get the pointer to zero. Tighten the nut again.The stethoscope must have the ear plugs entering at an angle to match the angle of ear canals. However the stethoscope is shipped with ear tubes directly pointing at each other ( perhaps to pack it flat for shipping ). You can easily turn the ear tubes through about 30 degrees in their holding clamp so that when you put them in your ears, they enter exactly in direction of your ear canals. Remember when you put on the stethoscope the ear tubes should not enter the ears at right angle but should have been turned at an angle of about 30 degrees pointing towards your nose. It will give you more comfortable fit and very good noise isolation.Using stethoscope may require some practice. Try hearing to your heart beats. Try listening to grumbling in your tummy. Just have fun and get used to using it. For blood pressure measurements the point where you need to put the stethoscope cup is almost at the center of your elbow crease. The systolic thumping ( the beats you hear when the blood starts flowing when you bring down the pressure ) is more difficult to hear as it starts with a very faint murmur.Read more ›
September 8, 2014
I was very surprised with the speed of delivery and ease of receipt.Next, as a doctor I was concerned about the accuracy of the device. But the sphygmomanometer abated my fears. But there was a slight problem of zero error which is easily rectifiable. If you have a pair of pincers or pliers then remove the tube from the nozzle of the meter and turn the nozzle anticlockwise or clockwise as required with the help of the plied. It should fix the problem.Next the stethoscope is good for hearing out basic lung sounds and heart sound. But it has just the diaphragm and not the smaller bell. If you are looking for a dual bell stetho then you should go for a stetho separately. But over all the supplied stethoscope is really good.I would give the bp reader 5.0 and the stetho a high 4.0. Thanks.
January 14, 2016
The best Aneroid B.P. Apparatus. Its light weight and super portable. Blood pressure readings are accurate and product is very easy to use. As a Doctor and Surgeon I definitely recommend this product for home use. Digital B.P. Apparatus will show error definitely as sensors are bound to get faulty after a period of time. So manual measurement is mandatory.Pros:-1. Simple and light weight.2. Easy to use.3. Awesome portability.4. Even its provided with a carrying pouch.5. Super Accurate.6. Lowest and most affordable price.7. Amazon is amazing at giving such nice delivery.8. No delivery charges levied upon the product.9. Got it for 520/- only from Amazon but Flipkart charges it as 620/- with shipping charges 100/- included.10. Swiss made with 2 years warranty.Cons:-1. Should Not actually expect a Stethoscope at this price point but.. Stethoscope provided is made of aluminum but does not have audible impedance so that we can hear the sounds correctly.Can ignore it as we get an excellent product at this price.
April 12, 2016
I bought this Rosemax BP instrument and I am using it since then. Well to inform you all, I like the product. The BP readings are accurate every time. I cross checked them with a digital BP apparatus I have.The feel & quality of the product is also nice.I recommend all that they can go ahead and purchase it. I got it for around Rs. 500 & something.And thanks Amazon. I trust you more than anyone in online business. Truly good service. May GOD bless all involved.
December 17, 2015
got it cheap at 510, it works as expected of its price, one of the lowest available online. quality is neither high nor low than you expect. in other words it meets expectation. it is recommended if you need a product on budget. the quality of rubber in specially in pump feels it may not be durable but may work if handled with care. there is some zero error but it is manageable. stethoscope very simple one almost diy stuff, and requires little bit of effort to hear but still works for the purpose like the rest of the package, having said all these it works better than a electronic one more than double the cost. but you need to know how to take the manual reading. little bit knowledge of class x biology essential for correct use and understanding, else don't buy this or any other manual monitors. note there is an error in product description, the monitor has no such battery for self calibration or any other purpose. this is just manual pressure gauge along with simple attachments. given in description ". Always maintains calibration even if dropped. Spill proof design with backlight. 2 AAA batteries provide up to 3,000 measurements. Built-in alert feature allows easy to program calibration after 10,000 measurements" is completely wrong, neither should be expected at this price. but calls into question why seller written it.
January 10, 2016
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