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Philips 61013 Air 5-Watt LED Desklight (Black)

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A number of issues prevent this product from getting a 5-star. Though it's a Philips product, there are design issues. The two hinges are affixed with a simple screw. Consequently, the lamp is too loose and cannot maintain an angle of adjustment. Manually tightening the screen results in the lamp joints becoming too tight and impossible to adjust. Philips has not even used a washer in this design, forget about spring loading or friction clutch.The lamp is quite bright and illuminates an entire study table reasonably well. However, the lamp lacks brightness settings. Even a Rs.350/- swan LED lamp has this feature. The lamp gets quite warm after an hour of use.The lamp has a hard rocker power-switch and requires powering from mains 240V. There are no in-built batteries or provision to add batteries either.The unit I bought came at a price of 999/- (versus regular price of approx. 1200/-) but had cosmetic defects. The base had marks of heat damage.
December 4, 2016
Design is sleek, the light power is excellent. But extremely poor engineering. Surprised to see how Philips - a reputed company can design product like this and sell it in the market. The lamp has two folds. The top fold is the light. This does not stay in a position and it's quite loose and keeps falling down. If you are using it as a desk light and obviously you would like to the extend the arm from the base and also adjust the light fold to suite the way the light falls on your desk. Unfortunately if you extend the base arm and focus the light arm on your desk, the light arm can't stay in that position and it will fall down. Besides the base plate is also not strong enough to hold in a position. You don't expect such a poor quality of engineering from Philips. Many people have written about this issue and some say that you can tighten the screw or place a cardboard to hold the light arm. Why should I do that when I buy a product from Philips ? This is terrible and thought the light source is good, i do not recommend anyone to buy this since you will only end up adjusting the light arm every second. Not worth wasting your money on a poor engineering design. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.
October 9, 2016
Nice cool light for reading at late night. Yes, the hinge is loose; but u can very well tighten it. Cable length is just adequate wud have been better if 'twas lengthier. I bot it for 1000. Good delivery.
December 9, 2016
Item delivered the first time was faulty and I had to send it back for an exchange. The item delivered the second time was in perfect working order. Sleek and futuristic design, good bright white LED light. Four starts only because of first time hiccup.
November 23, 2016
Good product design (minimalist approach), quite lightweight and has enough luminosity for the purpose.The screws on the hinges may need very minor tightening from any '+' tip screwdriver.IGNORE the feedback from people over this minor issue, the product works FINE. A bit costly though....
August 24, 2016
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