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Amazon offering Orpat OPH-1240 1800-Watt PTC Heater (Grey White) at Lowest Price Online Rs.2000.

Orpat OPH-1240 1800-Watt PTC Heater (Grey White)

Rs. 2,000 2399

2 heat setting-1200 watts and 1800 watts; PTC ceramic heating element; Over heat auto cut-off protection; Wide angel auto oscillation function; Variable thermostat setting; Safety tip-over switch; ...

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This product works well.It has got four operational modes, 1. simple fan with no heating, 2. 1200w mode, 3. 1800 w mode, and 4. 1800w mode with oscillation(rotation)The entire top sitting on the base in the above figure rotates in the fourth mode facilitated by a ball baring in the base.At the bottom of the base there is a projecting knob which gets pressed flat when the heater is sitting upright.This knob is a safety device which pops out and switches off the power to the heater when the heater happens to tilt/fall any side.The two switches in the front are thermostat control for temperature setting power mode selection switch.The fan is in the back side, which blows air over the heating element and the hot air comes from the mesh(radiator like design to increase surface area for max heat transfer to air) in the front side.Other features--Auto switch off once the set temperature is reached,and overheat protectionThe PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) is a temperature sensitive semiconductor, which is made of doped polycrystalline ceramic on the basis of barium titanate. The resistance of these thermistors increases sharply when a defined temperature is reached. This property is the reason for the self-regulation characteristic, which the PTC heating elements make use of.Due to the special Resistance-Temperature-characteristic, there is no additional temperature regulation or safety device necessary while reaching high heat-power level when using the low resistance area.Packaging and delivery are of amazon international standard. No need to worry.Buy from amazon fulfilled store to avoid hassle free delivery and customer service.One can go for it.Got it for RS 1,592 on amazon.in---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you feel my review is useful to you, please press "YES" button below.
December 22, 2013
warmest and the best, slightly larger than the square shape orpat PTC blower. 1200 and 1800 power settings. The trick to a longer life of Heater as well as wires, is to use on low setting. if using for many hours.
March 22, 2015
purchased at very competitive rate of 1500 as compared to local market. but it is small heater effective only if you sit / sleep near it. it is not a room heater but personal heater. The cost of operation is very high. i used 8 hrs a day and got a electricity bill in excess of 2500/-. But overall useful for me as i took it for my baby of 15 months
March 17, 2014
Packing and delivery - Excellent (No comments)Working condition - It works perfectly only on a smooth platform but when placed it on a chair which is not a flat platform then it won't work. This is bit disappointing and I don't understand the reason why it was designed in such a way.Good for a small single/double bed room but not for very large halls.Tilting works only at max air flow speeds. This is another draw back.
February 3, 2016
the product itself is amazing..a brand like orpat does all that it says..the only issue that i faced was the pathetic courier service gati...i got my order excatly a month after i had ordered it that is why i one star less
April 20, 2015
Offer for limited period.Price may change at any time

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