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Nature Forever Bird Feeder Transparent - 2 Piece

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Material : Food Grade Plastic.Proudly MADE IN INDIA; Color : Transparent; It Comes in Set of 2; Care Instruction : Clean it gently

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This is fabulous! It took a week for the birds in my area to realise this is for them. Now I'm waking up everyday to the sight of not just a bunch of common birds like sparrows, mynas & pigeons waiting for their turn, but also a group of Beautiful PARROTS who have made my grill their home. They've almost started living here the entire day. What a beautiful way of keeping birds while letting them b free like how they r meant to be...
July 13, 2014
GREAT PRODUCT GREAT CAUSE - The parrots flocked from the first day of setting up the feeder. I used to see them flying in my locality and this feeder brought them to my window. I did get a wooden ladder swing kind of made by a carpenter, a kind of seat, for the parrots so that they could have a conference while eating Khardi (sunflower seeds).They eat both black as well as white seeds but they prefer the white ones. I have this bird feeder for about 3 months now, and the sheer pleasure of watching parrots feeding at my window sil is a great calming experience. Normally they eat in the mornings and evenings most, however, some do come for a brunch, lunch or a high tea too. A water container quenches the thirst of the visitors. I have made it from an empty drinking water bottle bottom (like Bislery), by cutting the same and tying it to the wooden ladder swing base.The parrots have their own societal behavior. Some some enjoy eating together - others fight with the intruders just like human society.The second feeder that comes in the package has been set up with smaller grain like Ragi, Kangni, Broken rice Jower etc. which is also much visited by sparrows and even pigeons.
December 20, 2015
It works.Takes 10 -12 days for birds to find out.Daana for birds costs rs 36 to 55 a kilo.Sparrows go through a kilo in 4 days..We have hung one on the front porch railing and one on the back aangan railing.Sparrows eat at around 10-11 in the morning and many more come at 330-430 in the afternoon. ....They also leave a lot of bird droppings when they feed. .. hadn't thought of that. ..==================One year laterStill going strong. . Although the transparent plastic is giving a brittle feel due to one year of sunlight exposure. ..
February 7, 2015
Nice feeder .! it's almost 3 months and it's surrounded by little birds all the day...
March 25, 2015
The most noble cause to support & bring back lost birds (due to mobile towers/radiation and concrete jungles). Take few weeks for birds to feel secure using this. Also please make sure that once bird feeding starts, you cannot stop it. Birds become dependend on the feeder for their food.Preferable to keep this product in surrounding greenery for small birds to feed safely.Needs additional support for windy areas.
August 26, 2014
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