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Amazon offering Hexbug Carded Glow Nano, Multi Color at Lowest Price Online Rs.164.

Hexbug Carded Glow Nano, Multi Color

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Micro robotic bug that when switched on; Skitters around to work its way through any maze; Maneuvering through open orange gates and pathways that keep it contained most of the time; It can even flip ...

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I bought it after seeing it as one of the most popular toys on Amazon.. I thought it would make a nice gift for my nephew. But ever since it arrived this morning, I have been addicted to it.. It's fascinating to see the tiny creepy crawly nudging its way through all the nooks and crannies in my house! I also built a small obstacle course with shampoo bottles which it promptly completed successfully.. It rights itself on its own when overturned and changes course when it hits something..it may go under the sofa and then find its own way out... Really amazing!!I am sure children will love it...I plan to keep this one and buy a new one for my nephew 'Thank you Amazon for introducing international quality products to us at (not exactly reasonable yet) affordable prices...
March 26, 2016
The bug moves like a real bug & can turn around to avoid obstacles.It can straight up by itself if turned around.It glows in the night.A perfect innovative toy for children.However I also received a moshi monster free with it which was not listed on item site page.May be was a complementary for me by the seller.Tje seller primarc pecan retail is a reliable & good seller.
May 25, 2014
It is a new product with respect to Indian markets because we have never seen such a product being sold at retail toy stores or anywhere else so I was very excited having ordered it. It almost makes us feel that it is a real bug until we hold it in our hands. It only works on hard surfaces and there is only a radium sticker on its body which makes it glow in dark. The main disadvantage(not a big one) is that we have to replace its batteries very often which are not very costly so you can buy it in bulk but it comes with its own batteries for first time use so don't worry about it.And unfortunately you cannot choose the colour of the bug, it comes as per the availability and this also does not affect my 5 star rating. It just keeps on roaming here and there until its batteries die out. It also gets itself turned in the right direction if droppedfrom a height(I tried this many times and it is great fun to see it correcting itself ant then again start running).You can buy this or the simple Hexbug Nano as they are both almost the same. The only difference is that of a radium sticker which is of no use,whatsoever.Children (and even you) will be delighted on seeing this toy work. A true fun......
February 23, 2015
my son loves them so much so that ive ordered 3 more of them...they re nice tiny bugs which glows in the dark....if It doesn't glow to your expectations just put near a tubelight or bulb for 1 min ...now they GLOW!
March 29, 2015
These are brilliant! I bought 2 of them and regret not having bought more. These are small bugs and look very real. Can be easily mistaken for cockroaches. They have amazing obstruction sense and can flip back if inverted. They can surely keep children interested for a very long time. Keep a watch on them as they can get lost easily.
April 5, 2015
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