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Amazon india brings an amazing offer where you can buy Dukes Cheese Crackers, 200g at Lowest Price Online Rs.44.

Dukes Cheese Crackers, 200g

Rs. 44 50

National brand; Used finest quality ingredients; Suitable for all food

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200 Grams

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After eating lots of duke wafers and waffy rolls, I thought of trying these crackers too from Duke and bought three flavours i.e. Cheese, Salted and Masala.Few of the biscuits were broken in all the jars when received but mostly received in good condition. All of these are pass time biscuits that are used mostly as a snack with tea and even kids like it because of its small size.Let’s take a look at each of the flavours:▪ Salted: As the name says these must be salty in taste but if you are expecting really salty like Monaco than you will get disappointed just like me. These biscuits had a very little amount of salt and are a little bit crispy but doesn’t have any exceptional taste.▪ Cheese: These are little softer than the salted ones and have a taste of cheese but are more salty than the salted flavour, it’s weird but true. But I personally found Cheese Bits better than this product.▪ Masala: These are the crispiest and spicier biscuits from all of the three flavours which I found better than the above flavours. These comes in cashew shaped which even looks good than the other ones.Overall, I found the masala flavour good and the other two ok but doesn’t found any exceptional taste.P.S. I review products on amazon to help fellow customers in taking wise decisions and try to ensure that everyone's hard earned money get its full worth. It always makes my day to know that people find my reviews helpful. Feel free to comment for any queries.
September 27, 2016
I had to throw half of this pack.
July 29, 2016
Super and very low price ,very tasty my son like it,but now not available!
January 24, 2016
Amazon delivery was awesome. But taste of this product was not so good.
September 7, 2016
Mostly broken seems to be old stock eatable item must not keep old
September 4, 2016
Offer for limited period.Price may change at any time

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