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Dettol PM 2.5 Air Protect Anti Pollution Riding Face Mask (Reusable) at Rs.399 – Amazon

Amazon selling Dettol PM 2.5 Air Protect Anti Pollution Riding Face Mask (Reusable) at discounted price Rs.399.

Dettol Air Protect Air Mask

Rs. 399 699

4 in 1 protection from air pollution; Adjustable nose clip that fits the face and helps prevent pollutants from leaking into the mask; Adjustable ear loops for a comfortable fit; Specially designed ...

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I have been searching for air masks on every website.. found this one last week. Got it delivered 2 days ago. Brilliant fitting. I can go for bike trips now without having to worry about any pollution. It has a soft cushion and a very adjustable nose clip that fits every face.
March 29, 2016
This is an attempt by Dettol to sell anti pollution masks in India but it's a FAIL!This mask DOES NOT protect you completely from air pollution. Here is why:1. It does not have a nose clip to create a tight seal around your face which is VERY important if you want to protect yourself from polluted air.2. There is no exhale valve which a lot of good masks have. You will have moisture build up and hard time breathing out without an exhale valve using this mask.3. There is no activated carbon filter which is again very important and there in good quality masks.4. The adjustable loops that go over ear are not comfortable as they are thin and cut into your ear from top.5. The replaceable filters are so difficult to insert. I don't have the time for that! Also, since the filters are removable; the reduces the effectiveness of these masks.Also there are no different designs or sizes available. The standard size did not fit my face correctly.I will not buy Dettol mask again.Dettol Air Protect Air Mask
April 12, 2016
2 stars because it is useless with a closed face helmet. You can never create a secure seal inside the helmet hence giving you zero protection.If you are going to purchase this product, make sure you use it with a open face helmet or no helmet at all which is again not recommended.
November 22, 2016
I can feel the difference. Due to my dust allergy problem I can't go out to any dusty places. But now I can go out without any problem when I wear the mask. Thanks Amazon!!!!!
April 10, 2016
I bought 2 of these.. Quite nice.. Excellent fit.. Superior quality product.. Can be used without the filter too..but there is no proper way for the exhaled air to pass so vapour tends to gather on spectacles while I driving.
December 10, 2016
Offer for limited period.Price may change at any time

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