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Rs. 96 2016-09-03 13:07:40

Amazon offer where you can buy Dabur Amla Oil- 275ml at Discounted Price Rs.96.

Dabur Amla Oil- 275ml

Rs. 96

Dabur amla is a heritage brand, trusted by crores to give you longer, stronger, thicker and hence beautiful hair

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Hair falling stopped up to 80% am applying Dabur Amla twice a week in night before sleep, and taking head bath next morning with Nyle hair fall defense shampoo(white color bottle).Only a hair oil cant stop hair fall. So many factors are there.Proper sleep, Food, Stress, Water, Weather, Environment...
November 24, 2015
Superb one.Remedies for1.Hair fall2.White hair3.Hair root4.Hair colour and growthExcellent delivery and punctuality.
November 4, 2015
Reduces hair fall
October 13, 2015
Offer for limited period.Price may change at any time

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