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Amazon offer where you can buy D-Link DIR-605L Wireless N Cloud Router (Black) at Lowest Price Online Rs.1325.

D-Link DIR-605L Wireless N Cloud Router (Black)

Rs. 1,325 3742

Input Type RJ-45 (Ethernet Cable) supported by ISPs such as MTNL, BSNL, Airtel,Hathway,ACT Fibrenet,Spectranet and neighbourhood cable operator; My-Dlink service enabled; Wireless intrusion alert; ...

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Item Height

28 Centimeters

Item Width

152 Centimeters

Item Weight

54 g

Product Dimensions

112 x 152 x 28 cm

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It's the best router available at this price point, rather even higher priced dual band netgear routers doesn't give as much range as this. It doesn't drop my internet speed a bit while downloading or surfing at all. Actually the range provided by this router wasn't expected by me at this price point. I live in a ground floor apartment in a big complex and the router provides strong network even with a 4storied building in front of it. It was also providing a weak signal at a distance of 200-250 metre from whre the router is placed. And for those who are saying that this router gets disconnected or it isn't compatible wd a BSNL broadband connection, I must say that you are wrong. I will say why.1.I use a BSNL broadband connection and I am using this router with it for over a year. Actually where many went wrong during the installation of the router(though it not your fault cz D-link should have given this small info widin the manual). People using BSNL, MTNL or any such conncetion please configure the router in Static IP mode and not in PPOE mode. Your ADSL modem already converts the PPOE connection to a StaticIP. So if you have connected this with PPOE connection it bound to get disconnected and will not work at all.2. For those who are complaining about the range please update your firmware version to 2.04. This D-link router have modified both in hardware and software terms during the past two years considering the problems it encoutered. I would give a simple example for that.Read more ›
February 28, 2015
It's been a few days, I am using this product. One of best ones from D-Link I must say. It uses 2.4GHz frequency for WiFi channel. You may see a lot of N300 routers to choose from in the market, so let me try to explain as why I picked this one instead of the others.Pros:1) Excellant Range - I have used it in my house and the router is pretty capable to cover all three floors though we have pretty thick walls in here. At lowest I am able to get 60% WiFi signal strength when I am about 30 feet away from the router. I would say that - two external 5dBi antenna's do the job pretty well. This is one of best range that I have got with any router at its class.2) Stability - So far I never had to reboot this router at all. No sluggish speeds and the ping response (though it's dependent on your internet ISP) is pretty good. You will be able to use your internet connection at its full potential for sure.3) Interface - Pretty easy to set-up. Automatic and manual mode for set-up wizard comes handy. You can configure dial-up / authentication if your ISP uses that feature.4) Cloud Feature - It's pretty easy to manage this router when you are not at home and you want to block or unblock users or reboot your router if you would like to.Cons:1) Cloud Service can be improved more incorporating more feature.2) Interface could have been SSL protected (https) as many high end routers now a days do provide that. But at 1/5 of cost of that, what it provides is pretty generous. Also, the admin page is bit clumsy in advanced mode, so webpage design could have improved. Still it provides all necessary choice what you need from a router.3) Not a dual band router. But you are not paying high enough to get dual band support too.Overall, it's an excellent choice considering range and stability what this router offers. You will never repent on your decision for buying this router.
June 6, 2015
The Product is good. Works very well with my cable broadband (ACT CONNECTION) just as I want.It's only a Router best for cable broadband connections.The signal covers a good area, on my terrace and even till a shop as I stay on the second floor and the shop is 12 meters away from my building.Amazon should just improve the product description.It looked a little old though, when I opened the box.The packing was good and delivery as always good most of the times by AmazonSetting up the router is also quite easy....just go with the manual set-up.It's worth the price..and hopefully continues to work like it does. 🙂
November 23, 2015
used productgothttp://www.jinujohn.com/2015/06/second-hand-product-sold-by-amazon.html
June 4, 2015
I brought this D-Link -605 (double antenna) from 20 days back. But i felt no difference with single and double antenna. Earlier i used to single antenna D-link could 150. So I understand that no need to go for double antenna in D-Link brand (Double antenna price will be more high (almost *1.8) compared to single antenna).Now i realized its better to go with TP-Link double antenna. if we want to buy double antenna (300). It (TP-Link double antenna) will come with very less price almost the cost is similar to single antenna D-Link. And hered from friends who are using this TP-Link double antenna they are getting good signal even they are in wide range.
March 30, 2016
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