COOLNUT Solar Power Bank 13000mah For All Smartphones at Rs.1499 – Amazon

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Amazon brings an amazing offer where you can buy COOLNUT Solar Power Bank 13000mah For All Smartphones at Rs.1499.

COOLNUT Solar Power Bank 13000mah For All Smartphones (Red, Black)

Rs. 1,499 2499

POWERFUL, UNIQUE DESIGN WITH 13000AMH POWER BANK FUNCTION:- Ultra high performance, superb efficiency, Dual Output Charging power bank with a maximum of 2A output. Built-in unique solar panel that ...

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The power bank capacity is 13ah but I could charge my phone only 4 times..which is of 2ah..I could not get the entire capacity of the battery.It has to be recharged after that.. Takes more than 10 hrs for fully charging the battery in it.Other than that,the power bank is very good interns of quality.The 2A port works amazing..It does a quick charge as it has to.and the led lights indicate the status while charging and discharging.I have to mention this who is looking for a solar power bank..The solar is just a backup..if you are charging the power bank only via solar it takes more than 10 -15 days to charge the power bank... eventually discharges between these days.So solar is just a name sake.With one full day of solar charging the power bank, I could charge my 2ah phone for just can be mentioned as a power bank rather than a solar power bank..
July 29, 2016
It’s been almost a week now that I have started to use this. And so far so good.I have not got any reason to down rate this. It takes approx. of 7 hours to fully charge. The 2nd port is for quick charge I would say.It is very useful and Handy. However, I must say that the solar feature is just for name sake. It will take days to fully charge using the solar power and it will discharge in between. So if anyone is hoping to charge his or her phone using the solar power then you might be a bit disappointed.Overall the product is good and very useful and quality and built will not be disappointing.
September 26, 2016
I took this power bank, because of solar, as it really helps when you are traveling, however it doesn't really have 13k mah , it drains fully in 2-3 charges of my phone (2k mah).However solar does work, 4-5 hours of exposure to good sunlight charged my phone to 50-60 %.Except solar there is nothing good, go for branded power banks like MI which actually delivers what it promises.
September 1, 2016
I have taken it in a trek and it served immensely well. The weather was clody so I could not test the solar panel. But the fully charged battery served me 10 long days without a hitch.Con: The cover should have a handle to hang with the bag. It could be charged while I trek. Many other similar product have that in their design.
October 10, 2016
very nice product in design as well as it functioning properly as expected.First time full charge via electric charger and it works like champ.Solar charging is bit slow as it depends on solar panel.
October 11, 2016
Offer for limited period.Price may change at any time

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