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Amazon offer where you can buy Bosch GLM 30 Professional Laser Rangefinder (Blue) at Lowest Price online Rs.2599.

Bosch GLM 30 Professional Laser Rangefinder (Blue)

Rs. 2,599 5200

Item Dimensions: 16.1 cm x 12.8 cm x 6.5 cm; Material: Plastic, Color: Blue; Package Contents: 1-Piece Laser Rangefinder; 6 months manufacturer warranty; Simple, compact and an efficient tool for ...

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Item Weight

159 g

Product Dimensions

16.1 x 12.8 x 6.5 cm

Shipping Weight

280 Grams

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What is in the box?

Rangefinder GLM 30 Professional, Manufacturing Certificate, 2xAAA Batteries and Manual.

I was able to figure out how most of it works without reading the instructions.Features: it measures distances (from it front or back edge) and can display those measurements in feet, inches and fractions of an inch, decimal inches, decimal meters.These measurements can be added or subtracted from the previous measurements.In the area measuring mode it will also multiple the last two measurements together and the volume measurement multiples the last three measurements to produce a volume.There are two main modes of measuring, 'single shot' - in which one presses a button twice to switch on the laser and take the reading, and then there is the 'continuous' mode in which the laser stays on and continually display the distance.One feature I would like to have seen in the continuous mode is the ability to dial in (or remember) a certain dimension (Eg 4'6') and have it beep when it is that distance away from the target.The screen has a backlight which stays on for a short while after each input.The unit comes with a small lanyard but watch that you do not get it between the back of the unit and the wall when making a measurement from the rear edge of the unit.It comes with a nice belt pouch which I right away decided to use for my smartphone.This is a very useful tool and is going to make future project much easier and more accurate.
May 7, 2015
A very useful accessory for an architect. Angle measurement will work only on vertical plane and that is the only thing i felt negative about this product.Also there are cheaper options with lesser functions if you want this to be used at site regularly with supervisory staff.# extremely difficult to view in day light if used for long ranges. May have to some special google which i have not tried yet.# will require a tripod with levelling function for long ranges.
July 25, 2014
Great device for work. Satisfied with delivery!!!!
May 3, 2015
Great product for indoor use. For enthusiasts its phenomenal. For proffesionals you will need really steady hands to measure anything beyond 40 feet, i solve it by using a wall/column/plywood as a prop but sometimes on barren sites it gets tricky. For long term use might need to get a mono/tripod to get correct results and precision. For draft site measurements and cross checking it is phenomenal. For outdoor use, if it is bright and sunny spoting the laser point is impossible, you need shade/assistance/guess work to make it work. This is predominantly a indoor use product, with great potential for professional use. Still early stages of use so not yet applied critical use for lineout/bill checking hence can't vouch for efficacy but will update the review post as soon as we have done that. At this price point really can't ask for more, satisfied purchase so far
October 9, 2015
Missing items - th manual says that it should have a target plate , laser glasses and a pouch. But the shipment does not have it.Kindly look into it.
June 11, 2016
Offer for limited period.Price may change at any time

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