Bosch-Dremel 3000 (3000-1/26) Rotary or multi Set tool at Rs.3799 – Amazon

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Amazon offering Bosch-Dremel 3000 (3000-1/26) Rotary or multi Set tool at Lowest Price Online Rs.3799.

Bosch-Dremel 3000 (3000-1/26) Rotary or multi Set tool

Rs. 3,799 6299

Used for carving, engraving, sharpening, cutting, polishing and sanding; Ergonomically designed body; Warranty: 1 year manufacturing defects; 130 Watts Motor; 230 Volts; Variable Speed: 10000-33000 ...

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First off, I love my Dremel. It's a great tool for a craft junkie like me. I haven't even begun to explore everything this little beauty can do.Having said that, here are a few things I learned regarding buying this particular piece -Most important -It doesn't come with the Flex shaft.If you're interested in using the dremel as a general purpose rotary tool for small home repairs or the like then that's fine. But if you're after doing fine detail work like etching or engraving glass or stone, or you want to carve wood etc then the tool itself is a bit too bulky to hold as the vibration from the motor means you don't have too much control...especially if you're a beginner.The flex shaft being a more slender tool seems to me to be an essential addition and as i found out after having purchased it separately at additional cost, there are versions of the dremel 3000 and 4000 series where the flexshaft is included with the dremel, at a slightly higher price but not as much as if you bought each piece individually.Also, the tool set provided is at best rudimentary and when they say 26 tools they actually mean 3-4 actual different tools and about 5-10 accessories for that tool ( i.e. 1 sanding mandrel with 5 sanding bands etc) so you will have to make various other purchases to accumulate enough tools and bits to get optimal use out of your dremel.
January 29, 2015
stopped working with in two previous one's life was three months(model 3000-2/30).....its horrible.....wasted more than 8000 rupees......make all the spares available in Amazon........besides, I do know how to use power tools.....there were no mishandling.....this is for your information....
July 22, 2015
This tool failed on me after 3 hours of worktime. The bosch service people won't give me warranty because it was bought online. Terrible, I think I'll stick to Chinese el cheapos.And yes, I know how to use a power tool.
April 30, 2015
Dont Buy this Stuff!Accessories are not Easily available and Moreover no service centres located in INDIA.So if the Product fail which will happen eventually, You have No way of replacing or repairing it.!Hardly used it 5 times and the machine died. Noway to repair or replace! 🙁
February 5, 2016
The dremel i got stopped working within 3 months and was repaired by Bosch dealer but it again stopped working because of bad switch. So the switch was changed at my cost, since as per Bosch, switch is not part of warranty!!. Now even with replaced new switch, the dremel does not operate properly. It stops suddenly and starts after shaken or patted!! I think the pins inside the dremel are loose as design is bad. I am disappointed by Dremel quality. Advise to go for 300 proven series. The Dremels are Made in Mexico.
April 25, 2015
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