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Rs. 1,559 Rs. 3,990 2016-12-03 13:13:54

Amazon offer where you can buy Bluedio HT Hurricane Turbine (Shooting Brake) Over-Ear Headphone at Lowest Price Online Rs.1595.

Bluedio HT Hurricane Turbine (Shooting Brake) Over-Ear Headphone (Black)

Rs. 1,559 3990

Unexpected 57mm ultra-large dynamic drivers, turbine style housing, with iconic Bluedio surging low-frequency shock, let you feel the bass resonate deep in the chest, enjoying the best sound quality; ...

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Hi thereGot this Headphones a while back and i had to test these a lot before the review , so let's have a look into key features.Build Quality ---------------At this price point the build quality is good , it is all plastic build but it is good and lightweight . The finishing around is very good .The headphones can be stretched according to your comfort. all the buttons are on right hand cup. aux connector is on left side.There is power button , volume + - button and it comes with a dial like wheel to pause / play and next / previous settings.Sound quality --------------These are by far the best bluetooth headphones , 57mm driver is too good at this price point , i mean it gives competition to expensive headsets when it comes to sound.As advertised the Bass is unrivaled . it is soo good when it comes to bass. The sound quality is good too with surround sound thanks to big driver.If you are a bass loer you will fall in love with these.mic is good too for accepting calls and the calls were pretty clear on both sides.Comfort Level--------------There is adequate padding on both the headband and the ear cups which makes it comfortable , but the suspension between earcups is tight if you know what i mean . it puts pressure on your ears. for 1-2 hours it is ok more than that you will be in discomfort.It lacks snug fit but can be used for shorter periods of times.Connectivity --------------These comes equipped bluetooth 4.1 which is like the latest. the connection is pretty simple and fast. the bluetooth range is pretty good as well .The AUX cable is also included just in case battery runs out you can use these with 3.5mm jack.Read more ›
September 23, 2016
Its Good. Sound quality and all that nice. Delivery was also fast and No damages. Only cons are it should have been more extendable. People with big heads will find trouble in fitting it on their ears. Its also a little bulky. And your ears will heat up if you listen for too long. I am writing this review on my first day of use. If any queries i will be happy to answer.
November 7, 2016
It is OK headset, in 3 days of use I faced following problems1. I experienced bad call quality, voice breaking while in call, even though my phone and headset were just two feet away. Definitely NOT recommended for voice calls.2. Headset itself is tight fit and not at all comfortable for long use like listening music etc. And this is very significant downside, so I DO NOT recommend it to anyone who wants to listen to music or watch movie.But music sounds fine but if you cannot use it for making phone calls or listening to music for long time then I don't know for what purpose these headsets are good for.
November 19, 2016
Bluedio HT Hurricane Turbine (Shooting Brake) Over-Ear Headphone (Black) First of all thanks to Amazon, I got the product a day before scheduled delivery.This is my first wireless bluetooth headphone, but i did a lot of research before I bought this one. Obviously I was little apprehensive about its quality since its not that costly. I had selected no less than 10 bluetooth headphone in my cart with prices varying from 30K to 1.8K. I didn't want to splash a lot of money on my very first bluetooth headphone, as I wasn't sure how they would compare against a wired one. So i settled on this one after watching and reading a lot of reviews. And everyone said the same thing, for such a low price it sounded quite good. So here is my pros and cons.Pros:For the price its a very good purchase.Good bass, nothing mind blasting. Good highs as well.40 hours playback time which is awesome.Comes with aux wire that you can attach into the headphone at one end and another in phone of laptop, and then use it without turning it on. Thats a really good feature.Comes with built in mic, although i have not tested that yet.Fits very securely over the head, won't budge too much even if you run and doesn't move at all while walking.Very easy to pair, has volume control and playback control.Can get really loud since it has big audio drivers.Cons:The vocals and highs aren't as crisp, but thats expected given its price.Its design is not exactly over the ear, you might have to adjust the cup around your ears to get a good fit before you use it.Read more ›
November 28, 2016
I have had a great time with it. This was the first time i went for wireless Headphones, and i am very happy with the outcome. Very easy to use. And the amount is just ok. Though the handle is plastic, but the look, feel and the sound is amazing for the amount i spent for it.
November 13, 2016
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