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Rs. 999 Rs. 1,699 2016-11-03 10:46:26

Amazon offering AmazonBasics blue On-Ear Headphone (Blue) at Lowest Price Online Rs.999.

AmazonBasics blue On-Ear Headphone (Blue)

Rs. 999 1699

On-ear fit to minimize noise so you can hear every beat; Designed with portability and storage in mind, the headphones rotate in to lay flat; 101 decibles (dB) and 1000mW maximum input level; ...

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Before Purchasing the item i was very confused whether to buy it or notafter watching reviews on i found out it's awesomemany people complaining about it->believe me this product is awesome->wire is of good quality->quality of material used is good->pads are good
August 13, 2016
Nice and tight bass. Commendabke clarity. Quite comfortable to wear. Build seems decent. Highly recommend to others.P.S I got it in lightning deal for 699/-!!!!!!!!!!
October 3, 2016
I have Sony MDR-XB450 and a Coloud WH-520 headphones that I use regularly. The Sony is a bass champ and is quite effective at cleaning the ear-canal. The Coloud on the other hand, features considerably less bass but is much brighter in it's sound and it is very easy to comprehend dialogues in Movies / TV etc.The reviews of AmazonBasics headphones have been generally good in most sources and though I strictly speaking, did not need another yet another headphone, I decided to buy one to try out nevertheless.I brought them for 999/- and a day later Amazon had dropped the price to 900/-; so there goes 99/- down the drain. I could have opted to return the package un-opened and order it again for the reduced price but decided against stooping so low for the sake of 99/- bucks.The headphones arrived packed in a simple Amazon brown cardboard box. A felt-type pouch is included. Thankfully no instruction manual is bundled. Picking them up reveals how light-weight they are. There's a single cable that leads from the Left-earphone to the L-shaped stereo jack. The cable is not tangle-free but thick enough to prevent automatic coiling. How the wire splits internally and carries over to the Right-earphone is a mystery.The headphone band is not too big. I have a medium-large skull and the phones are snug-fit. For people with large (diameter) heads, the headphones will be a problem. The top of the band features a sponge lining to keep it from moving but it is likely to get damaged quickly due to chemical reaction with our hair soaked in Baba Ramdev's hair-oil (or other variants).The Ear-cups fit over the ears and do not encompass it. When the headphones were playing music, I could not hear any outside sound at all!Read more ›
December 31, 2015
I was having a doubt about the quality of the product. After started using it, I realised that it's a bang on product. I am using it for my iPhone7 and also I have a Beats wireless II headset too. This product I can't say equal to it but it's amazing to have. Very crisp and clear. The bass is awesome. I am listening the songs downloaded from iTunes. It's awesome. If you are using it for a iPhone and download high quality songs, then you must have this. If the songs are low quality you will not enjoy the maximum of it. I highly recommend to have it.
October 19, 2016
Excellent sound quality for the price. Very fun kind of sound signature, adequate for day to day enjoyment. Sound quality uncannily good for the price. Slight emphasis on lows, but not at the cost of other frequencies. Monitor or audiophile grade performance not to be expected (obvious considering price bracket). Very good seal for optimum isolation and comfort (padded headband and soft ear cushions). Clamps down a little tight initially, but the discomfort is temporary and disappears gradually. Build quality a little on the delicate side, but not that bad, with a simple plastic assembly. Cord could've been thicker and better made, but can't complain much, again, given the price. Carrying case is another pleasant addition, again at the price. Timely delivery as usual from Amazon. Brand new piece and good packaging. Got it for Rs. 1000 on flash sale. All in all, a surprisingly pleasant sounding set of cans considering the price. These can easily beat headphones twice their price - hands down. Buy it!
July 20, 2016
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